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For Women, By Women

Hannah’s House on South Padre Island, Texas specializes in treating women of all ages with addiction and complex co-occurring disorders. We believe that every woman can recover, and our boutique, trauma-focused program unites the best in advanced clinical therapies and contemporary addiction medicine. Featuring a skilled, multidisciplinary team of doctors, nurses, and masters-level therapists, we provide sophisticated care for women that paves the way for lifelong recovery.

Gender-Separate Women’s Recovery

Our gender-separate treatment philosophy is built on clinical data and professional experience. By creating a nurturing, safe environment where women can focus on all aspects of personal healing without the added distraction of interacting with men on campus, we’ve found we can substantially improve outcomes. This supportive environment provides women with space to improve how they communicate and relate to each other. At Hannah’s House, our patients learn to model acceptable behaviors and participate in the sense of true community that they missed during active addiction.

Our medical and clinical professionals facilitate a lasting change in the body, mind and spirit of each woman we treat. Everything we do at Hannah’s House — from medical care to individual therapy — is for this purpose. Mental, emotional, and physical health are intrinsically connected and must be treated at the same time, in the same place, by the same team.

Hannah’s House treatment services include:

  • Gender-separate and gender-specific care for women
  • Cutting-edge neurological interventions
  • On-site medical and detox services, including the ability to treat chronic and co-occurring medical conditions
  • Our hallmark 12-Step immersion experience
  • Experiential activities
  • Intensive family programming
  • In-depth continuing care and discharge planning

The Hannah’s House Team Approach

Our multidisciplinary approach to treatment provides every woman with a diverse team of clinical and medical professionals skilled at treating addictive illness and dual diagnoses effectively. Coexisting problems such as anxiety and depression are treated at the same time as addiction issues to optimize each patient’s success. We place every woman at the center of an expert treatment team ready to meet her medical, clinical, emotional, and spiritual needs. Additionally, as a part of Origins Behavioral HealthCare’s family of programs, our team participates in ongoing clinical supervision and organization-wide measurement based care initiatives.

Advanced Clinical Approaches

We assess each patient for wellness through psychotherapy and personal discussions. Beginning with a thorough assessment of behavioral and mental health issues, we provide a detailed plan for care that includes modalities for improved health and wellness. Our team leverages evidence-based interventions such as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) to kickstart the brain’s healing process. Through group and individual sessions, we help each woman work through traumatic experiences as well as family and relationship issues. We incorporate life skills programming on day one to prepare for discharge. By combining advanced clinical interventions with rigorous medical services, we can treat the body, mind, and spirit holistically.

Medical Services

Drug and alcohol use affects the body in a host of detrimental ways. Medical treatment is often necessary for full recovery. Hannah’s House offers a highly skilled multidisciplinary team that includes medical doctors, a psychiatrist, and 24-hour nursing staff standing by to attend to the unique needs of each patient. Our approach brings substance use and medical history into current focus. Advanced medical interventions are integrated into every woman’s personalized treatment and discharge plans.

We offer state-of-the-art detoxification and a superior level of acute care. We’re also prepared to treat more severe medical conditions that other addiction centers are unable to address.

Our psychiatrists may prescribe medication according to continuing assessments as each patient progresses through treatment. Women at Hannah’s House are taught the importance of self-care, including how to manage chronic pain, which is often a factor for patients recovering from opioid addiction. When superior medical care is combined with clinical and spiritual interventions, treatment and lives improve.


Recovery for the Whole Family

Our clinical team is passionate about helping women and their families recover from addiction because we know there is a solution. Hannah’s House understands that addiction is a disease that affects the whole family. That’s why family members are involved in the treatment process from the time of admission and included well into their loved one’s recovery and plans for discharge.

The Hannah’s House Family Program nurtures self-reflection and healing in a confidential and caring atmosphere. Our multiday Family Program is progressive and provides much needed support to family members of women suffering from addiction. In a therapeutic group setting, family members learn about the disease of addiction and discover healthy ways to support each other as they personally heal.

Alumni and Continuing Care

A critical component of effective treatment is continuing care planning, also known as discharge planning. Preparing early for a life of sobriety after residential care helps patients and their families navigate the ups and downs of recovery. Our detailed and organized continuing care plans provide both stability for the person entering recovery and peace of mind for her family.

Each patient is assigned an Alumni Care Coordinator who addresses her long-term needs on an individual basis. These trained professionals guide each woman through the continuing care process and will begin working with her loved ones from the onset of treatment. Our Alumni Care Team offers lifetime phone and in-person support to graduates as they embark on their journey.