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Spirituality in Recovery


Your addiction recovery should be a time of change, reflection, and restoration. Although this can be a very fruitful process, it can also be draining and overwhelming at times. Many choose to draw on their spirituality during addiction recovery. For some this means practicing their religion; for others, it can look different, such as connecting with nature or discerning a path to spiritual growth.

At Hannah’s House by Origins, we know that women experience addiction differently than men. We are committed to treating you as a whole person with Spiritual Care Services that support your body, mind, and spirit, respectful of your faith tradition or religious practices.

Spiritual Care for Addiction Treatment and Recovery

Our Spiritual Care Services show women how to harness spiritual resources to promote peace of mind and restore injured relationships. We have developed this ministry to promote peaceful living and wellness through spiritual counseling and activities designed specifically for women journeying toward sobriety.

Benefits of Spirituality in Recovery


It can be painful for many to accept personal responsibility following drug or alcohol addiction. Spirituality in the recovery process can bring healing from past mistakes which often includes forgiveness, reconnecting with others, and finding a sense of belonging. Healing can work through journaling, allowing some to express thoughts and feelings privately and offering the ability to review and look back periodically to chart their progress and gain perspective.

Strength in Hard Times

Spirituality can help a person through difficult parts of recovery so they can proceed unhindered. Some people accomplish this through meditation, done in a few sessions each day, giving a person renewed strength.

Uncovering Purpose

In the aftermath of addiction, many people can feel a sense of purposelessness, uncertain about what to do with their lives. Spirituality can help people look beyond themselves and give them the courage to move out of their comfort zone and serve others. This can greatly increase a person’s sense of self-worth and value.


Seeking a Higher Power often results in a feeling of gratefulness, which plays a substantial role in addiction recovery. Gratitude helps people stay focused on positive things in their life, helping them remain balanced as they work through other elements of their recovery which can be emotionally taxing and upsetting.

Our Chaplains Provide the Support You Need

Women arrive at Hannah’s House at Origins searching for meaning, hope, and healing. Because of long-term trauma so often experienced by female patients, trained chaplains are ready to help address grief and loss issues inherent to your desire for enhanced relationships, self-worth, and support. Our chaplains are on-call for spiritual and emotional support whenever you or your family member have a particular religious concern. Our chaplain supports our female patients and their families by compassionately addressing their spiritual needs during treatment.

We Work with You to Personalize Your Experience

A chaplain is available to talk whenever you desire:

  • Additional support due to frustration with the disease process
  • Spiritual counseling and ethical consultation regarding life questions
  • A chance to talk through religious, spiritual, or cultural concerns
  • Someone to work through your grieving issues
  • Ways to discover new spiritual possibilities in your life

Is Spirituality Religion?

Spirituality reaches beyond religious traditions to embrace a woman’s desire for self-worth and purpose. We carefully incorporate your belief system into your treatment plan to enhance your ongoing recovery skills. Our masters-level chaplain understands the unique spiritual needs of women and will work closely with you or your family member to uncover tools that positively affect your life quality.

We’ve Developed a Philosophy that Works

We respect your belief system and incorporate it into your treatment plan to enhance your ongoing recovery skills. We not only believe that spirituality reaches beyond religious traditions to encompass a woman’s hope, self-worth, and life purpose, we know the steps needed to make this philosophy a successful spiritual reality.