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What Extended and Continuing Care Did for Me

Nov 4, 2020

By Claire Lavergne, Senior Alumni Care Coordinator

When in the grips of addiction, fall who are involved in the addicted person’s life – family, friends, coworkers, and everyone in between – suffer as well. For families, there may seem like an overwhelming amount of options to sift through when trying to get help.

I am in recovery myself and have gone to various treatment centers to get help with my family’s guidance and support. It wasn’t necessarily the treatment center that did not work for me. It was that I was not completely willing to surrender to the process of getting sober, honest, or work the steps and accept treatment plan recommendations.

When I went to treatment, I truly believed I wanted to be sober and have a new life.

I did everything that was recommended to do while I was in treatment, but I failed to do the things suggested once I got out. My family was willing to trust the professional’s hands and hold some difficult boundaries in the process. They were doing what they thought was in the best interest of my life.

When I was finally able to surrender and was ready to do whatever it took to be healthy and sober, I was able to see that I needed extended levels of care. I knew while I was in treatment that I needed more than just the residential level. I decided to do something different by taking the recommendation of sober living and therapist and moved into sober living in a new city and state. I caused a lot of harm and damaged the relationships I had with my loved ones when I entered treatment. My family was adamant about not giving in to my addiction anymore and held the line of not giving me what I wanted.

My family came from a place of tough love, and that’s exactly what I needed.

I may not have liked the approach they were taking, but it was necessary for my success in recovery. The process of getting sober and being able to repair those relationships has made all the difference. I was suffering from this disease, and the work truly began once I got out of treatment.

I was willing to do anything it took to stay sober and live a life worth living.

I continued to follow some directions from people in recovery and surrendered to the process offered to me and am able to give back today by the decision my family and I made.


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