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Sobriety, Pandemic, and Holidays — Oh My!

Nov 23, 2021

By Casey McKeown | Alumni Care Coordinator

Holidays can be difficult for people in early recovery because, let’s be honest, how do you have fun without using or drinking? I know this was my question in early recovery. With meetings possibly shut down in your area and the likelihood of isolation, staying sober can be challenging. But with God and some extra support, staying sober is possible!

Staying sober during a pandemic can be stressful, but the holidays can add even more stress.

How does the recovery community respond to this overwhelm during the holidays? Here are some suggestions that many like us have used.

First, find your support system, specifically a community of people who support your recovery.

These are the individuals you can be completely honest with when you want to drink or use during holiday events.

Second, come up with a plan on how you can leave these situations when they become too overwhelming.

Let your support system help devise what you should do if you become overwhelmed with the holiday parties.

Third, find meetings that are easily accessible to you.

If you don’t know of any local meetings, ask someone in recovery or your sponsor whether they know of any. If meetings are not happening in person or you’re not comfortable going, come up with a Plan B and find a Zoom meeting.

Finally, if you are planning to go to events involving drinking, make sure you are spiritually fit enough to go.

Your sponsor can help you gauge whether you should be going or not. Come up with a Plan B. Many AA meetings and sober homes will be having holiday parties for you to attend, enjoy and have fun while staying sober. Always use the sober support system; a community of people who support your sobriety will be so important. If you don’t have this established, talk to people in the program and ask for this support. Advocating for what you need and understanding what you can and cannot do at this moment will be critical.

Have fun this holiday season and stay present, enjoy family and friends, and don’t forget to help another alcoholic. This practice will save you every time!


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