Sober for the Holidays: The Greatest Gift of All

Dec 8, 2020

The holiday season is a time of cheer and giving, but it can also create unrealistic expectations, over-commitment, and emotional stress. These things, when combined, can brew into a perfect storm for individuals in recovery. This year has been full of unknowns, doubts, and fears. We have had to shift expectations and conform to the current state of the world. For those with a substance use disorder (SUD), human connection is vital to recovery.

Your sobriety is the greatest gift.

Many times, family members and loved ones feel the impact of your SUD. They hoped you would be there for the next birthday, Christmas, or New Year. You’ve committed yourself to sobriety, which is the greatest gift you can offer. However, the holiday season can bring unprecedented stress and might put you in situations where your peace of mind is in jeopardy. Recognizing ways to re-shift your thinking and re-dedicate your time can make the holiday season seem less daunting.

Self-care is essential.

The winter months bring shorter days, and the lack of sunlight can decrease serotonin in the brain, leading to depressive feelings. During this season, in particular, it is important to practice self-care. If you feel overwhelmed, finding ways to relax, such as meditation or yoga, can center your focus and allow for positive thoughts. Our physical and emotional health are all connected. When you support one, you support the other.

You can make a difference.

Studies have shown that giving your time to help others can boost happiness and lower depression. Although this year might not allow for many “hands-on” volunteer opportunities, you are still at an advantage to reach out and help others. Connect with your sponsees. Check on your neighbors, friends, and family. A phone call, text, or a conversation through the door could brighten their day. Find local volunteer opportunities in that you can safely participate. You never know how your story can change the life of someone else. Your sobriety is a gift; get out there and share it!

Don’t wait.

When holiday schedules are too packed, it feels like there aren’t enough hours in the day. Although waiting until after the holidays to help someone with a drug or alcohol problem may seem logical, the sooner they begin their journey to recovery, the sooner they get well.

Today is the day to get well. Give yourself the gift of sobriety. You are worth it.

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